Sky Walk Campers

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- Sky Walk Campers - A Perfect Getaway -

Haven’t you dreamt of the most serene place to spend with your loved ones? Imagine a place equal to paradise, an abode of nature lovers where you can wake up to the birds singing. Sky Walk Campers is a perfect escape to nature’s call to feel the incredible experience of sightseeing. Located on the lush green hilltop of Yendiyadu in Kottayam, we are in that primordial location to show you the best panoramic view. We are ready to soothe your soul and you be ready to head into the clouds.

A Home in the Clouds

No, Not kidding.
How beautiful would it be to see the clouds floating in the blue! Located at the zenith of the mountain, reaching the super private Sky Walk Campers’ resort is an amazing journey. Our designated drivers pick you up from seven kilometres in our own vehicle to reach our exclusive private property. When you climb up to escape from all the hustles and bustles, the clouds make a painting out in the sky. Come and feel like you have made the clouds your den.

Trek to the Top

A refreshing three-kilometre trek from the resort to Muthukkora mountain top makes your stay “complete”. A 360-degree aerial view from this majestic peak point gives you an astounding visual pleasure. Get ready, pull up your sleeves and climb up the steep to embrace the best personalized trekking experience that you ever could experience.

Our Main Attractions

Muthukkora Mountains

Experience the Muthukkora Mountains, also known as the Meeshappulimala of Kottayam here at Sky Walk Campers. Let our guides enlighten you with the path, so you could take in the majestic, all consuming view. From the hill top, you get to experience the whole of Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta, and Kottayam along with a life-altering moment.
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360 Degree Mountains.

Single room with mountain view
Standing at the porch of Sky Walk Campers, the experience is truly stunning. Because here, you are surrounded in the mountain’s mist and majesty . From all angles, it’s The Vagamon Hills looking back at you.
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Experience the clouds and
so much more.

- Testimonial -


I had a great time with Skywalk Campers for 2days and 1 night. We loved the time spend here with nature at the middle of valleys. Excellent place with privacy and hospitality. Great outdoors with awesome 360* panoramic view. We can experience sunrise & sunset at this point. Food need to be appreciated, i loved it.



Bewildering place to be found of tranquility and delight with your kith and kin. Astonishing view of mountains from Muthukora mount and pleasing stay at Skywalk campers is highly recommended to anyone who desires for a vaccation out from the city. You wouldn’t cast down at Muthokara mala.



I recently stayed at Skywalk campers . The views were absolutely stunning and I could not believe how peaceful and tranquil the atmosphere was. The staff was friendly and helpful and the accommodations were top notch. The food was delicious . I especially enjoyed the hiking trails . Overall, I had an amazing time and would highly recommend this resort to anyone looking for a relaxing and enjoyable getaway.